Healthy Hair Hacks: Affordable Ways To Maintain Silky Locks

Many of us are familiar with the woes of damaged hair. Combing through infinite tangles, seeing clumps of hair fall onto the sink and shaking out a head full of coarse frizz is far from a pleasant feeling. We all want healthy hair that shines and looks like it has been treated by salon professionals every day. 

carrine low

Going for keratin treatments is an option, but they burn a hole in your pocket by making you pay more than $200 for each session. Plus, the effects are not permanent and usually wear off after four months. You’ll have to book another hair treatment session soon enough and fork out even more of your hard-earned money just for this rather temporary solution. 

If this turns you off, don’t worry - there are better alternatives. Why spend exorbitant amounts when you can achieve the same effect at a fraction of the price in the comfort of your homes? We present to you inexpensive yet equally effective hair treatment options that will help to stop hair fall

Shampoo it Out

Surprise! Reducing thinning hair can be achieved from your daily hair care routine. There is no need for additional treatments! All you have to do is to invest in quality shampoo and maintain good washing techniques. 

High quality shampoos contain amino acids and do not strip your hair of its natural oils. They help to soften and moisten damaged hair, giving a smooth, manageable texture complete with a finishing shine. What’s more, they are also gentle on the scalp, providing dandruff treatment for a flake-free life.

Many Korean hair products are excellent choices for your daily shampoo. We recommend MASIL 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo; a product that instantly replenishes the cell membrane complex in your hair, helping to retain protein, moisture and oil for stronger, more vibrant-looking locks. Just use it three times and you will see the best result! It also has a cooling effect on the scalp as you lather it in, relieving stress as a result of Singapore’s humid weather which causes sweat and heat to accumulate. Each bottle retails at only $30 so you can have multiple washes that achieve salon-grade hair without even stepping into one! 

masil cmc shampoo

For maximum effect, spend a bit more time and effort washing your hair. Instead of just rinsing the product off quickly after lathering, use the pressure of your fingers to massage your scalp in circular motions. This helps to let the product set in more thoroughly and stimulate blood flow, allowing for more effective cleansing as well as improving hair growth. 

Use a Hair Mask 

To take things an extra mile, applying a hair mask once or twice a week after the preliminary washing process helps to provide intensive conditioning. Hair masks contain rich nutrients that nourish hair damaged by perming, colouring and rebonding. These concentrated elements are absorbed into your hair cuticles and follicles more thoroughly than regular shampoos and conditioners, allowing you to regain healthy hair within a single use. 

If you are looking for a unique and affordable product, try MASIL’s 8 Second Salon Hair Treatment Mask. Unlike many other hair masks which are thick and oily in texture, Masil’s product originally comes in a light, clear liquid form. It is also more efficient - you can experience the effect of smooth and silky hair within merely 8 seconds instead of having to leave it in for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. This saves you a lot of time in the shower. 

masil hair mask

Additionally, it feels comfortingly warm upon application, achieving a hair steamer-like effect which indicates that your hair is rapidly absorbing the natural ingredients. This quickly changes to cooling menthol sensation, preventing itching from the refreshing feel and relieving hair loss. Another benefit is that Masil’s hair mask allows you to apply the product directly on your scalp and not leave any greasiness. Hence, it provides both hair and scalp treatment at once.

To use it, gently dry soaking hair with a towel. Pour a palmful of product onto your hand, then carefully apply them onto different sections of your hair and scalp until your whole head is covered. Once that is done, lather and rinse off. You will find your hair to be hydrated and youthful-looking immediately afterwards.

Following this simple hair treatment routine will help you to control hair fall and achieve the hair of your dreams. Everyone deserves to have healthy hair! By using affordable, high quality hair products, you can save large sums of money spent on keratin treatments whilst still obtaining the same result (if not better). 

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