Stellar K Beauty all began with one woman and a dream to help many more. 

For many years, XY suffered from rash-prone and inflamed skin. This affected her immensely -- she didn’t have the confidence to appear in front of her friends and colleagues, leading to a downward spiral of depression. Product after product. Concealer, foundation, CC cream. She tried everything, but nothing seemed to solve the problem. Putting on makeup only worsened the condition as it aggravated her sensitive skin. No doubt, everyday was a misery. 

Until she stumbled upon Volume Tox Original Peptide Essence in 2017. Within three weeks of use, her rashes cleared! She even managed to achieve glowing skin; something she never imagined was possible before.

From then on, her life changed for the better. She no longer hid behind a wall of makeup and was able to live each day to the fullest. Motivated by her personal success and endowed with a new sense of purpose, she wanted to help other women with similar skin problems to step out of the depths of their daily discomfort and embrace the light of healthy, radiant skin. 

She brought in Volume Tox for sale in Stellar K Beauty, her own ecommerce store that carried Korean-exclusive products not available anywhere else in Singapore. This was soon followed by even more K-Beauty brands over the course of three years. Stellar K Beauty even managed to secure its own office! 

 Her story doesn’t end there, though. Now, Stellar K consists of a growing team of beauty enthusiasts dedicated to enabling all women to unleash their natural beauty without applying makeup. We aim to help everyone become the best version of themselves, and invite you to fulfill our mission! 

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