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The best

The best jumbo i ever bought online, reasonable price for a good size.good products, making my hair better everytime i used it. :)

Convenient with Results!

Have been looking for this product and finally found a reputable seller. Used this on an alternate night and only remove the following day after my morning gym session. Works well as I feel less bloated. Does not irritate my sensitive skin at all. Must try and I’m sure you will repurchase again!

No regrets!

My hair was damaged from bleaching and coloring. Just 1 week into using the bundle, hair does feel healthier and doesn't break that easily anymore. Thanks Masil, will definitely continue purchasing them.

Spagel Patch 42°C
Margaret GL Tan
Spagel patch

Have started using the patch for a week,could see the detox for slimming wise yet to find out.

Smooth & Silky Bundle
Elizabeth Chia

Nicely packed and happy to see all the extra samples. Yet to try. The only item tried was the silk balm, which I find a little bit too oily. Hope the rest of the item I've not tried will not dissapoint me

Smoother hair

The products help to detangle and smooth out my curly hair with little effort, leaving it soft and manageable.

Feels good!

Used the SPAGEL Corset on the day I went to gym and had period, and after 3 hours outside, I went back home to shower and was shock at the results! It help with my period cramp and I was able to exercise without having to stop due to the cramp I have! :) Will definitely purchase again!

Started to use this set for about a week, seems to have improved my dandruff condition. The conditioner makes the hair very soft to touch after each use and smells great too

Premium Intensive Skin Active Fiber

It’s effective from first application and easy to use. I love it. I’m onto my second box.

Glowy Skin

The tone up sun lotion has a very light weight non-sticky very easy to apply. After apply my skin is so much brighten up and look at that glow!

Easy to use

Used the SPAGEL Corset the second time and I have to say that I really love the warm feeling and when I have period cramps while working, all I need is paste this on my tummy and this actually ease my cramps! Thank you STELLARK for bringing in good product :)

Free X'mas Gift Wrap Service
Good service to provide wrapping service

Good service to provide wrapping service. Appreciate that extra mile but wrapping can be better . Nevertheless, still enjoy the service

My favourite cushion

I've been using the FAU Skin solution cushion in black since 2020 and since then I have threw away all my other expensive cushions that I purchased from counter brands. This is the best cushion I've tried and it is super stick to my skin and it has basic concealing function as well. Plz don't discontinue it ever.

Masil hair tonic

I like the cooling effect on the scalp, too soon to tell if hair loss has reduced but will continue using for a bit longer.

Nice products

Good service and good products

Good product

After using the shampoo, my hair drop less.

Masil feels like a God sent!

After following for so long, I finally dived in and tried before the price hike. So glad I did. Never have my hair been so manageable.

CMC Shampoo

Have been constantly using this Salon Hair CMC Shampoo when it first launched. Was recommended by Gena that this helps with my dry hair especially when I always head to salon for hair dye.

The smell of the shampoo is so nice that even my husband complimented about the smell of my hair. I have a lot of damaged hair and split ends as I often go for hair dye. And ever since I started using this shampoo with 8 seconds hair mask, my hair condition REALLY improves drastically. I comb my hair without any entanglement and my hair loss also improved alot.

I will still be purchasing this shampoo and the hair mask. It's definitely worth my money! 🥰

Scalp care ampoule

Have minty feel but after use the hair abit stiff but overall good

Too good to be true highly recommended

This product is good, it help to lesser the fine lines and after using it , it does make your skin glow. 🥰

I had dreadful hair and suffered almost all kinds of hair issues, starting from dry damaged hair to split ends. But I am glad I read MASIL shampoo reviews. MASIL has just saved my hair and changed its looks completely. WOW!

Smells so good

I really like this scent. I have been using it for almost a year now and my hair feels softer and looks healthier than when I used the other store brands. Totally recommend it!

Beyond happy and even more excited

I have tried so many shampoos and hair mask that say they’ll soften your hair, well this actually does! My son even commented on how soft my hair was after just one wash. Beyond happy and even more excited I found this.

Amazing product

Great for my hair, my hair is normal not too oily or dry and this bundle keeps it that way.
Will definitely be buying more.

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