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Hair Mask

This Hair Mask Made My Hair So Smooth! Love It!!

Amazing Product

This product is superb in making my skin hydrated and brighter, which means yay to glowing looking skin. Must buy product!

Nice volume hair shampoo

Super nice volume hair shampoo, love the texture of the shampoo when washing.

Mix & Match (Jumbo Size Bundle)

Have been using this product for about 2yrs. Love the smell and the product works for me and family. Especially for those who have hairfall or thinning hair issues.

Skin Solution Star Cushion (Silver Edition)

1st time purchased, coverage is not that much but is not stinky and the overall feeling is good.

9 Protein Perfume Silk Balm

Repeated purchase of this Protein Silk Balm, have been very satisfied with the product, really made my hair feel soft and silky after blowing dry.

Great Product

I love it. Instant glow when i use it.

Fantastic Product

Fantastic Product. Would be getting more soon.

Volume tox

Love it, bought 2 more bottles.

I'm in my 50s, and this Revcell lifting mask and ampoule gives my skin a noticeable lift and glow. I'm happy with the results, but the price is a bit steep. However, if you can afford it, it's worth it.



Finally got it right, thanks Gena

Thanks Gena and team for teaching me how to use it correctly over Whatsapp, their after sales service is superb. Attaching a picture of my success, finally I saw the collagen part haha

Regular supporter of Revcell

been a regular supporter of revcell since it launched, this new improved mask is less sticky compared the first version.

Not cheap but amazingly good!!!

I bought this from the Suntec pop-up store from this young lady, I couldn't remember her name but her service was top notch! This product is not cheap at all, so I was very eager to try it the moment I reached home. I must say I'm very impressed with Korea's technology and this is one of the best buys of the year! Super good results, my saggy skin (I'm 50 by the way) felt firm and taut. I love this feeling, like I'm back to my 30s again. I would recommend anyone who wishes to turn back age to get this!

good mask

To be honest, I don't leave reviews for products, but this revcell product i must leave a truthful review.

During covid days where we have to wear masks to work, my skin got really really dry and it became much more sensitive. I decided to just live with it (LOL), but after I saw gena's insta, i decided to just get it because i trust her.

I spent alot of money on revcell this time but its working well for me now, my skin is super glow n i never had this type of skin before.

very good product i highly recommend!

Very moisturizing

It makes my skin glow and moisturized. Very easy and fuss free to apply!

Glowing Skin with Even Tone & Brightness

With this Full-Face Activfilm and Ampoule Mist, it's an easy way to get the collagen on your skin effortlessly. It comes in 3 horizontal strips that covers the entire face, and after you put the white part (containing collagen) onto your face, you mist over the parts, and the collagen comes off and melts into your face!! 👍
Love how my face immediately brightens and glows after I remove the orange parts. I've used it for 3 nights, and I love how my face has an even brightness and glow to it! 😍 Even my black=colour post-acne pigmentation has also lightened to a brown hue now! I believe with continued usage, my pigmentation would lighten up. 👍👍
P/S: Ampoule mist can be quite stinging on sensitive eyes, so just be careful when you spray it on your face.

Revcell full face Vita collagen activfilm

Very fascinated with the glow and radiance after using this full face activfilm!! I like this new version as it targets the whole face at 1 go. It comes in 3 pieces - upper face, mid n lower face. Very easy to put on n fully covered the face. U'll see immediate glow n radiance right after using it Tried using it b4 makeup and was surprised at how easy the cosmetic glide onto the face smoothly with the glow still maintaining well. This is a must for me now😄

CMC Shampoo

Nice smell, and after washed my hair is smooth and manageable.

Salon Scalp Care - Ampoule Tonic

This is my 2nd purchased. Found many baby hairs growing and hair dropped lesser. It’s amazing.

Yellow Cat - 3 for $100
Eva Sazali WONG
Yellow Cat

Was at the warehouse sale, attended by beautiful, friendly, professional and patience ladies. It's worth the spending for one of the best products. Walking out of the store smiling hehehehe. ;)

Silk Balm

Not oily, very nice smell and easy to use. Feel hair more manageable and nice tube.

Shower gel

Nice smell and makes my skin smoother.. Highly recomended...

Volume Tox Original Booster

Love the product! It does not clog pores and not oily. It hydrates and leave the skin feeling soft and plump( less wrinkle)

Masil Hair Products

I bought Masil scalp shampoo, volume hair mask and Protein Perfume Silk Balm. All products are so good. After using the scalp shampoo for 3 times, my scalp is no longer itchy. Hair masks and Silk Balm works wonders as well. My hair is so soft after using the hair mask. No more frizzy look after applying Silk Balm.
I have to mention great customer service too. I have missing product in my parcel, contacted customer service and was promptly rectified.
Excellent product and great customer service. Highly recommended.

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