5 Secret Beauty Tips for daily night skin care

Going to bed early might seem like a drag, but it’s the best way to take care of your skin. During those late-night hours, your skin cells are doing damage control, regenerating to help you look your best. Sometimes though, going to bed early just isn’t possible. Whether it’s staying up late to binge-watch shows, study, work, or to party, you’ll have to enact a little damage control to prevent premature signs of aging from taking hold.

It might be fun and rebellious to stay up late, but when you make a habit of it, your skin will look dull, tired, and dried-out. No wonder they call it ‘beauty sleep’ because you really do wake up more beautiful when you go to bed on time. Your body gets the chance to go into those deeper phases of sleep which helps to keep skin looking youthful and fresh.

Can’t stop burning that midnight oil? Then make sure you change up your routine for late-night skincare.

1. Remove your makeup no matter what

Before you kick off your dancing shoes and slide into bed, take a moment to remove your makeup. Leaving it on not only adds more debris and pore-clogging gunk to your pillowcases, it also jams up pores, making them more prone to breakouts. If you absolutely can’t handle cleansing, at the very least use those makeup-removing wipes. Don’t make a habit of that either. Cleansing away impurities is the key to beautiful skin.

2. Do a double cleanse

Pinch yourself awake just a bit longer and take the time to use this K-beauty tip. By doing a double cleanse with something like micellar water followed by a hydrating cleanser, you’ll catch every last bit of destructive makeup and remove it from your skin and add hydration to keep skin from getting thirsty in the night. 

3. Micro-massage your skin

Very gently with the tips of your fingers, make circular motions all around your face. You should do this during your final cleansing step and for when you add your moisturization products. 

4Hydrate with essence

When it comes to locking in hydration to sleepy skin, you want something that boosts it with a glowing look too. I’mele Pure Marine Blend Ampoule is an excellent choice for that. This anti-aging essence will perk partied-out skin right up before bed (and is great when you wake in the morning too). Be sure to massage it in gently as discussed before to boost circulation and intensity of its benefits for glowing and dewy skin. 

i'mele pure marine blend ampoule

5Or just sleep on it

You can also let your skincare work for you in other ways as you sleep. If you take the most basic approach and cleanse your makeup, massaging as you wash, a few times a week you’d benefit from using FAU Spotlight Whitening Mask. This incredibly textured product bonds to skin to nourish it all night long. Simply smooth the mask on, get in bed, pull up the covers, and put out the lights and you’ll wake up with refreshed and healthy-looking skin. 

 Your best defense against aging skin is to take care of your health, which is why getting enough sleep is so important. But for those nights you simply can’t get to bed before midnight, use these late-night beauty tips to boost your beauty!

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