Spagel Patch 42°C
Burn up to 900 calories with one patch even while you're eating and working at the same time! It's thin and not visible to see through your clothes.
11 Salon Scalp Care Ampoule Tonic
An everyday toner to provide extra care for your scalp after washing your hair. Instant cooling effect to refresh your scalp from inflammation and stress accumulation.
6 Salon Lactobacillus Hair Perfume Oil
Infused with 3 kinds of vegetables oils, our Salon Lactobacillus Hair Perfume Oil balances out your hair oil and moisture from the inside out. Rich in Vitamin C, this hair oil adds softness and shine to your hair for up...
15 Salon Perfect Hair Fixer
Set, style and finish with our Salon Perfect Hair Fixer. Fluffy and non-sticky formula, filled with floral extracts that are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant. Mild floral scent that will not give you a headache even if you double spray.
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