Morph Your Hair Routine into Something Magical with The New MASIL Products Today!

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Why are we introducing so many MASIL shampoos?
Do you know that shampooing your hair is predominantly the essential component of your overall personal hygiene?

Are you guilty of purchasing your hair care products just because of the packaging or advertisements that state soft and smooth?

Don’t just pick your hair care products based on their label and advertisements!
Choosing the right product is crucial. Today, join us in this journey to choosing the right hair care products for your hair type and the most favourable nutrients that your hair needs!

Meet the new members of the MASIL family! We have a series of authentic hair care products, and we are sure that you will find your ideal haircare range.

What is the best shampoo for me?
Define your scalp and hair type and choose the right one!

no yellow shampoo

Perfect shampoo for those who have bleached or blonde hair. It is a light shampoo that does not irritate the scalp and helps to prevent discoloration. With only a weak acidic pH of 5, it neutralizes alkaline hair and maintains hair colour. However, this is a functional shampoo and should only be used once or twice a week. 

MASIL 5 Probiotics Color Radiance Shampoo
color radiance shampoo

The MASIL Probiotics Color Radiance Shampoo prevents UV ray-induced discoloration. It is exclusively created for colored hair as it helps to maintain vivid colors, provides nutrition and shine to hair. 
The shampoo provides nutrients and shine to hair. Protects the scalp from free radicals induced by pollution and sun exposure and promote healthy hair growth.

MASIL 5 Probiotics Scalp Scaling Shampoo
scalp scaling shampoo

Blow away all of your scalp troubles with MASIL 5 Probiotics Scalp Scaling Shampoo. This scalp scaling shampoo cleans away various wastes such as sebum and dead skin cells attached to the pores of the scalp. 
The shampoo provides scalp barrier care, balances oil and moisture of scalp. Enjoy the cooling sensation that soothes irritated scalp.

MASIL 5 Probiotics Apple Vinegar Shampoo
apple vinegar shampoo

Glow with herbal complex extract that nourishes from root to tip, resulting in soft hair without treatment. The MASIL 5 Probiotics Apple Vinegar Shampoo helps adjust the acidity concentration of the scalp to create healthy hair and scalp. This shampoo relieves various scalp conditions with a slightly acidic apple vinegar ingredient.

MASIL 5 Probiotics Perfect Volume Shampoo
perfect volume shampoo

Get salon-style volume with this volumizing shampoo that adds fullness and manageability to flat thinning hair without drying it out. The MASIL 5 Probiotics Perfect Volume Shampoo gently yet effectively removes impurities and transforms limp hair into voluminous hair. Ingredients that helps to improve reactions from scalp trouble, calm itchiness, and controls the scalp barrier functions.

MASIL 8 Seconds Salon Super Mild Hair Mask

A vegan hair product that is cruelty, paraben and silicone-free! Infused with amino acids and plant-based ingredients, it is a safe and organic hair treatment suitable for people with sensitive scalp. It helps to rebuild weak and distressed scalp, restoring nutrients and vitality. Perfect for vegan product users, pregnant women and young kids. Don't forget about the hair mask! 

The right way to use the MASIL shampoo and hair mask!
Shampoo Time!
  1. Wet your hair
  2. Dispense the shampoo onto your palm or directly onto your hair
  3. Massage scalp and hair using your fingertips to remove waste and impurities
  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water to reveal desired hair result
Hair Mask Time!
  1. After shampooing, rotate the nozzle and pour liquid hair mask onto palm or directly onto hair.
  2. Massage evenly on your wet hair, including your roots. Don't worry! It is safe to apply directly on the scalp!
  3. There will also be a heating sensation to simulate a salon-use effect
  4. Rinse it off after 8 seconds to reveal soft and silky hair!
Still unsure about what is the right shampoo and hair mask for your hair?
Don’t worry, we are here for you! Also, do check out our healthy hair hacks to maintain silky locks without breaking your wallet. 
With Love,
Stellar K
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