8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask
MASIL 8 Seconds Hair Mask is an everyday scalp-friendly conditioner that leaves the hair feeling soft & silky by detangling and defraying the hair! 8 Seconds Liquid Hair Mask Softens hair while letting hair feel airy and light. Worry no...
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38 Limited Edition Salon Hair Set
Salon quality hair treatment in 8 seconds at the comfort of your home. 38 Limited Edition Salon Hair Set Made with 17 different amino acids and 3 types of ceramides The MASIL CMC shampoo shows improvement in just 3 washes!...
9 Protein Perfume Silk Balm
Known as a leave-on conditioner that requires no rinse off. Repairs damaged hair ends and solve the problem of splits ends. 9 Protein Perfume Silk Balm Strengthens hair and improves elasticity and shininess in hair. It also doubles up as...
Laurel Green Repair Cream
Laurel Green Repair Soothing Cream A moisturising cream with calming properties that help to repair damaged skin caused by harmful external elements, like the environment. The cream helps to balance the water and oil levels in the skin, maintaining the...
Aroma Mask Sticker Patch
Find yourself smelling your own foul mask breath? Do you wear a mask for very long hours? Are you a teacher? ID? Cabin Crew? Hawker? Or even office workers that are required to wear your mask for very long hours....
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