Incellderm Vallatto Oil Mist
Incellderm Vallatto Oil Mist

Incellderm Vallatto Oil Mist

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Ester method

Eco-friendly catalytic reaction ester process

Not a chemical method using methanol, but a raw plant oil was used in order to produce pure vegetable ester oil contained in the mist to prevent moisture evaporation.

Deep absorbtion

This mist can truly penetrate into deep layers of the skin.

  • Why is the ester process important?
    BCR Technology (Bio Catalytic Reforming Technology) refers to a method of producing vegetable ester oil that reacts with bio-catalyst with plant raw oil, instead of chemical production method using methanol to produce emollient and refatting effect without skin irritation.
  • What are the emollient and refatting effects?
    The emollient effect forms a film on the surface of the skin, preventing the evaporation of moisture.
    Refatting effect refers to the effect of protecting the skin from the external environment and delaying water evaporation by forming a protective film evenly applied on the skin surface.


Two patented ingredients make the Vallato oil mist even more special

  • Beautiful Herb Story (Patent No. 10-0971655)
    Solid fermentation and extraction technology for lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme.
  • Botaniceutical Plus-10 (Patent No. 10-0966835)
    Licorice, Fallopia multiflora, Black sesame seeds, Phellinus linteus mushrooms, Angelica, Morus bark, Paeonia japonica, Sophora flavescens, Red ginseng extracts help protect skin and improve wrinkles.
  • Camellia seed oil ethyl esters Skin Moisturizing, Protection, Helps Sensitive Skin.
  • Sea buckthorn Pore tightening,revitalizes the skin.
  • Opuntia ficus-indica Cactus Magnesium, amino acids, vitamins, etc.Contains various ingredients.
  • Rosehip Oil Rich in Vitamins A, C, and E ,Moisturizing and skin elasticity.
  • Ceramide Skin barrier strengthening, Helps with skin defense.

Active ingredients easily penetrate into deeper skin layers

Spray the oil mist onto the skin without tapping or rubbing. It is a special Incellderm skin care method that helps the mist’s active components to be absorbed safely deep into the skin by using the method optimized for active (liposomalized) ingredients.

Shake well before use

Shake the bottle well to ensure an effective mix of the bi-phase oil mist by Incellderm.

Vallatto Oil Mist does not contain synthetic surfactants that can irritate the skin. This is a bi-phase product where the oil and water layers are separated. Shake well enough before use to naturally emulsify the liquid.


How to use

  • In the morning and  evening, properly cleanse your skin.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Spray the mist evenly onto face in a circle within 30 seconds after cleansing, before using the basic skin care products. (6-10 sprays at a time depending on the skin type).
  • After spraying, please wait until it penetrates into the skin.
  • Follow with the Dermatology Booster and Serum and finish with the Active Cream.
  • If you have sensitive skin, apply the Active cream first, and then apply the Dermatology Booster and Serum.


  • Use the mist at the end of the skincare, for an additional skin protection!
  • When skin is dry and pulled, use the mist to adjust oil / moisture balance!
  • It’s great for nourishing and coating the split hair ends.
  • Take the Vallatto oil mist with you to use on the go and quickly hydrate your skin.
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