Activlayr Premium Collagen Mask

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Experience the benefits of rich collagen in a mask! Restore saggy, baggy, and uneven skin to its youthful glory with the power of the new evolution of collagen.
Size :
Firm + Lift + Awaken
Lightweight, fast-absorbing of this innovation replenishes parched skin by decreasing trans-epidermal water loss and works from within.

Each patch you are receiving around 11mg of marine collagen per pouch, nothing left behind.
  • 19% Reduction in wrinkle volume from 7-day clinical trial
  • Increase skin elasticity by 16%
  • Improve moisture retention by at least 16%
Only 3 Ingredients.
Collagen (781, 684ppm), Hydrolysed Collagen (216, 916ppm), Hyaluronic Acid (1400ppm)

*There are no emulsifiers, no stabilisers or any harmful chemical carriers. Our unique, manufacturing process means that we do not need these unnecessary carriers to help the bioactive ingredients penetrate the skin, allowing for only bioactive absorption!
Product Desciption

A melting mask filled with 99.86% collagen, that targets your fine lines and wrinkles. Treat your skin with science, using the world’s first patented nanofiber technology.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Too good to be true highly recommended

This product is good, it help to lesser the fine lines and after using it , it does make your skin glow. 🥰

Highly recommended collagen mask

Skin felt instantly tighter the next day, more evenly colored and even my pink undergone was fainter.. Normally my skin goes back to normal after I wash my face in the morning, but nope still looked very much the same!

It's Great!!

This product is very effective. Unlike other collagen products, it was quick to absorb into the skin and satisfactory to use only a few times. I love it.

Great product!

I used the face mask at night and was pleased to find that my face was nicely moisturized even up to the next morning. The mist was also very moisturizing and absorbed quickly without leaving a sticky residue. I liked how there was no fragrance as well. Overall, I definitely saw a difference in my skin and recommend this product for those with dry skin or those that want to start taking care of their wrinkles!

Amazing gift for women!!!

Wonderful collagen patch and mist for my wife, she loved it. I came across a collagen film product in social media, and I wanted to purchase it for my wife. I searched on Google and came across Activlayr collagen film. It seemed interesting. She loved it. She said the film was absorbed into her skin immediately and her face felt much lifted even after first use. I'm so glad I purchased this for her.

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