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Want To Look Good In Whatever You Wear During CNY? Here’s 4 Easy Ways For Lazy Girls To Get A Flat Tummy

Want To Look Good In Whatever You Wear During CNY? Here’s 4 Easy Ways For Lazy Girls To Get A Flat Tummy

Chinese New Year is around the corner and we probably just gained lots of weight from all the eating during Christmas and the New Year. If you are tired of hearing the same old advices of eating right and working out, why not try out some easy ways to lose weight and get a flat tummy much more effortless and be just in time for you to look good during Chinese New Year?

Here’s 4 Easy Ways For Lazy Girls To Get A Flat Tummy


  1. Meal Prep (only suitable for a short term)
  • 3 Days of Meal Replacements

Breakfast: an egg + and a fruit (apple, banana)

Lunch: a cup of milk + an egg

Dinner: a cup of yogurt + wholemeal bread


  • 3 Days of Fruit Meal

Breakfast: wholemeal bread + an egg

Lunch: Fruit Salad

(Try not to eat at night, if not you can have an apple)


  • 3 Days of Salad Meal

Breakfast: an egg + a cup of milk

Lunch: Salad (Grains, vegetables, fruit salad)

Dinner: Oatmeal + Milk / yogurt


Things to note during this period of time:

  • Do not binge eat right after the meal replacement period
  • Refrain from eating snacks / sweet / oily / fattening food
  • Drink lots of warm water for higher metabolism rate (2000ml & above)

 During this period of time, you will realise that your tummy fat has been reduced and your waist has become skinnier than before by a lot.


  1. Tummy Diet Patches

 Another way to reduce tummy fat fast without putting much effort is to make use of tummy diet patches. It was said that diet patches can be used to reduce cravings and to speed up metabolism rate, helping one to lose weight. All you have to do is to stick it for 8 hours each day for 5 days with 1 day of rest after 2 days of using it and another day of resting after 3 days of using. (You may continue this cycle after 2-3 days of rest intervals) It can be even more effective if you use it while working out as it helps to speed up the burning process. Many have seemed to see visible effects on their tummy after using the diet patches for a period of time.

Body Memo Slimming Diet Patch:

(cr. xiaohongshu)


  1. Detox Drinks

 The next easy way for you to lose weight and detoxify your body is to consume detox drinks. As it contains fruit juices that are high in vitamins and minerals, it helps to improve digestion by introducing healthy enzymes that will allow your gut to work more efficiently. Besides boosting your digestion for faster weight loss, detox drinks can also help in boosting immunity and energy levels as they are rich in vitamin C. The Susenji Orange Mofa is a detox drink recommended as it contains natural fresh orange powder that brings you many good health benefits and also allowing you to enjoy body slimming and skin beautifying at the same time. What’s best about it is that you could enjoy a satisfying drink with an effect of helping you cleanse your body and lose weight. It is recommended for you to consume 2-3 packs a week for better effect.

 Susenji Orange Mofa:


  1. Shape wears

The last way that could help you look good in whatever you wear for Chinese New Year is to wear a shape wear. Most ladies like to experiment with the different styles of clothing they could wear only to realise that only a few suits them due to their figure. Rest assure as your problem can now be solved by just wearing a shape wear. With it, you can reduce your waistline and wear tight-fitting clothing without worrying about your tummy. Not just that, a shape wear can also motivate you in losing weight and staying healthy as it creates a better – proportioned figure for you comfortably and improves your posture the way you desire to look.

Tokoname Gold Slimming Shape wear: